The Unfolding Continues….

Sometimes, the inspiration to create just isn’t there – no use in forcing the work to unfold – it does so in its own time.  Under this spell, I decided to surrender and take a break.  I knew my muse and I needed a rest, and so I gardened and read and cooked – creative but quiet activity.  But lo! While on a walk yesterday, I felt an overwhelming tug, an urge to get back to the studio…. and so today, I resumed the work of studying process. 

Recall that I began this project with a desire to comb my depths for some new information that might open a door to a more authentic expression.  My general overlay has been the approach I routinely took when developing a landscape design; i.e., working with a program from concept to finished work.  In the current context (with fiber), this process is my program.   I am half-way down the path of addressing that to my satisfaction.   

To recap:  I began with my camera, gathering photographs, mostly in nature.  I captured enough images in that phase to “feed” the work for many series to come.  However, with the seasonal transition approaching, I will no doubt want to work with the camera again, starting the process anew.  For the current project, I narrowed my studies to an enlarged view of a creek’s edge with rock, moss, sandy bank and a tiny bit of standing water.  From this image grew renderings and diagrams, along with word play. 

Today, as thoughts moved to texture, I initiated my first studies in the actual materials and techniques I have chosen to explore.  This will be the first of many studies – extensions of the sketch phase really – very raw, loose.  They are opportunities to stretch and open, to dialogue with the surface and ultimately the form of the work.  They are not meant to be made too concrete…yet.  There are still further studies to be made at the third dimension (also happening to some extent concurrently with this surface study phase).

The question, still unanswered, is  – what do I want to see in the finished piece?  I trust that the answer to this question will emerge as the studies evolve. More to come…..

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