The Spring nuno felting workshop is fast approaching!  I thought I would provide some fiber and other images in the next couple of weeks to whet the appetite a bit.  I always enjoy pulling these bundles of fiber together – silk and wool, roving, hankies, batting, locks – and marveling over the combinations of texture and hue! 

Other doings in the studio:  I continue to work on the nuno felt surface studies as part of my process of building new techniques and expanding vocabulary in both wearable and non-wearable formats.  This has been a very inspiring and motivating practice, one I will break out further in this blog (when I can take a minute to collect my thoughts and put them into coherent form!)  I have also been pretty busy with day-to-day activities (including integrating work out of the house, i.e., a job) – all of these goings-on are challenging my time in the studio these days.  I always trust that the Work happens when the time is right.  In the time I have available, my focus is preparing for the upcoming workshop – I am really looking forward to it!

Glorious Spring to you all!


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