Heart of the Matter

Soft afternoon – change of light and color and the last blossoms of Fall before leaf-change.  I am in familiar territory again after working through time constraints and energy traps – grateful for this long-desired spell of studio time…and happy to be writing again.

I am diving back into the flow of work and ideas – able to take some time to consider relationships, connections, to move ideas forward and bring their essence closer to being.  To be estranged from the heart of one’s creative light can be confusing and disturbing.  Sometimes the condition is the result of choices made, actions taken; sometimes it seems to come without provocation or invitation.  In either case it can stay well beyond any reasonable degree of tolerance and can make one’s creative process feel jerky, awkward, and strained …until one’s “groove” is recovered.  I am glad to be here in the flow once more, however temporary it may be.

Today I have been working with some nuno-felted cloth from the “vault”… dusted off, overdyed and recast as a wearable construction – the final form is starting to take shape, one act at a time.  This process is a deep one.  It represents a kind of cross-fertilization between past and present, taking on a level of complexity I did not have access to when the original cloth first came into being.  Cut and textured, with curious fringe –ties which double as the means for configuring the piece to a variety of shapes and forms on the body.  It is a history unfolding, this piece – an accumulation of layers and strands of past action and memory.  It starts to feel flexible, alive as it unpacks the memories of hopes and fears bound up in creating new work.  This is what I have been waiting for.


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