Recently Completed Work

This piece is inspired by the generous, triangular “mantillas” I saw while visiting Madrid some years ago.  I have had a vision of being cocconed in a felted version for years.  The process of designing one has resulted in an emerging theme for me: working with modular pattern repeats…in this case, building on a favorite surface pattern (a “web-wave” variant) with some light relief elements.


  1. and now you Mantle me . . . wishing for sure . . . what an adventure, Kathy! these are exquisite . . . can’t wait to be embraced by one!

  2. Hi Kathy: JUST THought I would let you know that I couldn’t open this page on Firefox. Will try again later. Am eager to see whatever this might be… Am with your folks and Ed and Lily. Lots of rain here. Decided I don’t want to move to Seattle after all. Burr! Oysters today (but I won’t indulge) and babyback ribs, which I never prepare so I will LOVE eating. A hug to you, carinos (couldn’t make the tilde) sue


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