A Statement of Intention for the New Year

laurelblossom1sreMy ritual review of the past year is over.  I look back on a year dedicated to recovering and reknitting pieces of a vision and a dream.  I am happy to be firmly back on the path and its relevant parallel investigations.

A new year is always so fresh with possibility –  a symbol of hope for renewal and reinvention – infused with a trust that we will be graced with the strength, wisdom and balance to meet another turning of the wheel.  This year, I seek further integration –  a uniting of the loose ends, side-windings and insights of the past year with the patience, plodding, and open heart/mind needed for the next phase of the adventure.  Through a fusion of movement and stillness/nakedness and adornment/earthly pondering and ineffable direct-knowing/under the influence of mountain and ocean, I add to the story I tell myself about existence on this small orb called Earth, Erde, Tierra, Terre, Terra, Gaia…

Even in the uncertainty and chaos which mark this point in the early 21st century, my heart thumps with excitement.  I am grateful to be on a coherent path and engaging fully with the next phase of the Work.  I wish for all of us a clear path going forward, one rich with grace and hope, clarity of purpose and intention, and of course, good fortune/abundance, both tangible and intangible.

K.C. Atlanta/January, 2014



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