Indigo Spring

It has been a full month since my last post. Teaching/facilitating technique through one-on-one, small and large group gatherings has become a more regular feature of my weekly activity list. Among other things, Indigo has figured prominently in this work. As noted elsewhere, I have also increasingly incorporated other natural dyes into my creative practice and will be facilitating another workshop this July at the Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance. See the sidebar for the link.

I have had three opportunities to share the indigo experience this year so far. One I mentioned in my last post. The two most recent were quite contrasting experiences: In one case, I worked with pre-reduced indigo serving 80+ participants during a “Family Fun Day” at the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta; in the other, I facilitated a gathering of two at my home studio, where we worked with resist paste and an organic indigo vat. Both events were inspiring, energizing and life-affirming. Here are some images:

From the Carlos Museum/Indigo on the Quad:

From the Organic Indigo Vat workshop:


    1. Hi Judy – Thanks! Yes, I will repeat the series again in the Fall. I think you are on my mailing list – always announce via email, facebook – will probably start doing that in the late summer. I am also hoping my natural dye intro “makes” at SEFAA – you might be interested in that as well.

  1. That is fantastic…both of the activities, the huge one in the park and the private one. Sounds so enticing. So great of you to share your talents via your teaching.

    Excited to see you in October but of course will talk earlier than that.


    aunt Sue

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