About the Work



3-D Artwork: I have been working in relief for several years but have now begun building fully 3-dimensional artwork. Many of these 3-d structures are fiber-based and have their theoretical “roots” in the fibrous interfaces created by plants and animals for protection, nourishment, and transformation. Much of this current work reflects the early stages of a refinement and reorganization process, one which will hopefully contribute to an integration of the many creative streams moving through this entire body of work.

Interior Textiles: I envision these works transcending barriers between application/use and therefore increasingly prefer not to limit their descriptions too much. While some of these pieces have dimensions which make them suitable for wearing or draping, and others more suited to blanketing or throwing, their uses are often interchangeable – e.g., one could easily have a piece on the wall one day and pull it down to wear or throw the next, and so on.

Art-to-Wear:  Since it is a logical (and time-tested) format for hand-crafted textiles, wearable art has been an important facet of my work from the beginning. My strength is in designing and developing the textiles so garment design is often subordinate to the textile itself. I principally work with felt laminates; however, I am engaged in a regular and on-going exploration of other textile and fiber processes in the search for additional means of realizing and communicating my personal aesthetic vision. In this process, the artwear is often the first format to be tested but given the natural cross-fertilization existing in most studio practice, the entire body of work is enhanced.