Whether hard or soft, textile or artwork, I begin with a series of sketches, studies and schematics addressing development of the piece in degrees, beginning with fiber selections to construction considerations and finishing. Each piece is uniquely developed, hand felted and hand dyed.  Techniques vary.  Many of my themes and motifs are organic but I also have a long-standing love-affair with the grid and often evoke woven structures in my felted works.  However, since felt surfaces are by nature a loose, and somewhat painterly, anything on a grid layout is destined to a soft approximation of its seed inspiration.  On color:  I generally work from white although I may mix different types of fibers and other materials for textural character or contrast.  Each piece is immersed in a single dyepot and each fiber in the composite absorbs the color in its own unique way; thus, finished individual pieces are intentionally mono-chromatic rather than multi-chromatic but are visually richly tactile.  Finished composites will find their way onto cradled panels or affixed to other hanging systems, or in conjunction with other pieces in arrays or assemblages.