DSCN1237Hello to all artists working in cloth, fiber, textiles.  I’m Kathy.  I have begun this log as a way of marking my own activity and progress as a textile and fiber artist.  It is my hope, however,  that this interior dialogue also inspires others to deepen and enrich their creative practice and process. 

I am trained as a landscape architect.  I was introduced to dyes and dyeing while still in school,  and from that point on (for the last 17 years) I have conducted an independent study of textile craft, primarily surface techniques.  My interest eventually led me, fortuitously (gratitude to my friend, Deda Divine!),  to nuno rusca (also referred to as “nuno felt”), a laminated felting technique.  This technique has served as a central creative path and point of reference for all of my other textile and fiber pursuits.

I  am now very excited to share this and other textile techniques, along with reflections on design, process and creative evolution, in this weblog.  During these first few months, the separate blog pages will grow slowly.  Please return periodically for updates and comment if you feel so inspired.   In addition, for more information on the work or workshops, go to kathycolt.com.  You can also contact me at:  kathy@kathycolt.com.