A preface to the series on sustainability and sustainable making:  This inquiry into sustainability is a personal odyssey, although you will likely already find yourself delving into this process.  You may already be compelled by increasingly dire warnings by climate scientists to make adjustments in your practice and, if you have, you will realize the […]

A lot has emerged in my thinking since my July 28th post.  As I note therein, I am beginning to think more concretely about my studio practices, with an eye towards transitioning to more “sustainable” modalities.  It’s a sizable undertaking, to be sure.  Where to begin?  Look at assumptions and underlying values.  Establish some sort […]

I am in the early stages of fully reёvaluating and re-purposing my blog in the face of a fundamental shift in values underlying my studio practice.  What follows is the first of many posts focusing on what it means to me to be a designer/ maker in the early 21st century – a time when […]