Happy New Year! I have been considering various points of departure for this year’s blog posts and have arrived at several which are interrelated.  As part of a lecture series I recently presented, I looked at various “slow textile” practices from historical, cross-cultural and contemporary perspectives.  Many slow textile practices that have been a part […]

Some years ago, I was fortunate to be able to spend a couple of weeks in Spain with my aunt and cousin.  It was a typical whirlwind trip but I tried to soak up everything I could about the area, in spite of catching a cold almost immediately upon getting off of the airplane!  One […]

With the Dalai Lama in our midst, I am reminded of how Buddhism made its way from India, across Central Asia, to China along the silk routes during the “axial” period (roughly the first millenium BCE).  Cultural exchange along the overland silk routes was vast and really began much earlier than this era; however, an […]

I’ve been catching up on reading in the middle of a busy production schedule and am finding great nourishment for thought in all of it.  From reviewing back issues of FiberArts, to exploring the history of various favorite textile techniques (e.g., Memory on Cloth by Yoshiko Wada – see the Books and Inspiration page in […]