Took a trip out Washington way to see family and was thoroughly energized by the many surfaces and textures of the Pacific Northwest.  Lots of new visual and tactile information to fuel the Work.   Here are some samples…. A wildly diverse outcrop of Chuckanut sandstone along a Puget Sound beach. Both images look like they contain digital […]

This past weekend’s workshop was loaded with creative energy and enthusiasm.  It was a delight to see each piece unfold from layout to completion and I was (and still am) inspired by the intensity and attention that everyone brought to their projects.  As you can see from the gallery below, the results were wonderful!  Thanks […]

  The Spring nuno felting workshop is fast approaching!  I thought I would provide some fiber and other images in the next couple of weeks to whet the appetite a bit.  I always enjoy pulling these bundles of fiber together – silk and wool, roving, hankies, batting, locks – and marveling over the combinations of […]

Sometimes, the inspiration to create just isn’t there – no use in forcing the work to unfold – it does so in its own time.  Under this spell, I decided to surrender and take a break.  I knew my muse and I needed a rest, and so I gardened and read and cooked – creative […]

Nature is us. I’m thinking about inspiration and how creativity happens in our intersections (conscious and unconscious) with the “natural world.”   There are few things more direct in their ability to shift us out of our normal way of interacting with ourselves, others and the “mother of all mothers,” than when faced with a dramatic […]