I recently facilitated an Indigo vat workshop at the SEFAA center in Atlanta. The focus was on learning about quick-reduction alternatives. (Fn 1).  Naturally, we were dyeing with indigo as well.  In the workshop we used a simple paste resist, along with traditional Japanese “mechanical” resist techniques, to make marks on our cloth.  I, for […]

Mechanical resists are one of the most basic and enduring mark-making techniques on cloth, and although not structural, are as fundamental to the history of textiles as spinning, weaving and felting.  This class of resists includes stitching, folding, clamping, binding (including Ikat), and wrapping, and is known collectively in Japan as shibori. The results are quite […]

  Back in the studio and delving deeper into the work…the sketching/rendering process exposes more metaphor-ia – the work is still very abstract – and although materials begin to suggest themselves, I resist the impulse to make anything solid.  Right now, I’m interested in unearthing the voices that reflect a merging of mind’s eye with […]