I am a child of marine environments who ironically lives inland (it happens).  From Hawaii to Cumberland Island, I have been nourished by the big oceans and the ecotones associated with them.  The shoreline is a magical transition zone wherever it is encountered – an abundant strand, rich with life as well as decay.  On a recent […]

It may surprise you to know that the Kudzu plant has a vibrant history of use for various applications – from medicinal to textile.  Until the modern era, most of this history took place in East Asia.  At present, in Southeastern U.S. there are numerous paths to Kudzu fiber harvest and use, and those who […]

This recently abandoned, temporary dwelling (which we hope kept eggs and baby birds safe while learning about their new life on planet Earth) was in the trees and spotted by someone else while I was busy combing the ground for mushrooms (see my last Post). The entire structure was attached to a perfectly appointed V-branch […]

We have had a good deal of rain in North Georgia – a welcome respite from the dry heat of late Spring. With all of that moisture in the mix, many a latent mushroom has pushed its way through soil, moss and leaf litter to play out its short, above-ground life cycle. A recent trip […]