Some years ago, I was fortunate to be able to spend a couple of weeks in Spain with my aunt and cousin.  It was a typical whirlwind trip but I tried to soak up everything I could about the area, in spite of catching a cold almost immediately upon getting off of the airplane!  One […]

Took a trip out Washington way to see family and was thoroughly energized by the many surfaces and textures of the Pacific Northwest.  Lots of new visual and tactile information to fuel the Work.   Here are some samples…. A wildly diverse outcrop of Chuckanut sandstone along a Puget Sound beach. Both images look like they contain digital […]

Nature is us. I’m thinking about inspiration and how creativity happens in our intersections (conscious and unconscious) with the “natural world.”   There are few things more direct in their ability to shift us out of our normal way of interacting with ourselves, others and the “mother of all mothers,” than when faced with a dramatic […]