Hello all!  Relieved once again that it’s Spring?  I have been in the studio or at the drawing board most of the Winter and work is beginning to emerge.  Included in that work are felted interior textiles and artworks, artwear from the petal-una collection (original designs made with hand-dyed/printed & discharged cloth), and 2-d work (more on that later).  Also in the mix:  I finally started my organic indigo vat in February (yay!).  Although, I have been distracted by other dye work in recent weeks, the vat has been maintained and is patiently awaiting my return.  I did recently take some time to make a rice flour paste resist.  It was labor-intensive and the paste didn’t hold up past the first dip…but the results were gratifying.  Although the rice paste resist resulted in some beautiful subtleties, I am planning on working with the gum-Arabic resist I learned from Catharine Ellis last Summer at Arrowmont – my experience demonstrated that the gum paste holds up better in the vat (i.e., 2 dips were possible, yielding a more intense indigo).

4 months until the ACC/San Francisco Show!!!….things are progressing there and I will be blogging more about that in the future but first, back to the petal-una collection – my show of that work and a sneak preview of the ACC work is on Saturday, May 3rd.  Mark your calendars!


Here are some images of some of the latest petal-una pieces (including some new linens)….Also, on view: just returning from a month at SEFAA’s fiberARTlanta show, one of my latest triangular mantles and some new sculptural work!

DSCN9449modaltLike many an artist, I find myself perennially compelled by a variety of projects and undertakings.  It is sign of the times but also a reflection of a restless mind facing the other side of 50 (which of course is really 30!)…so much to do but hopefully there will be plenty of time (and vitality) to support all of this activity!

One project I’ve been pursuing for the past couple of years has been the creation of primarily ready-to-wear (r2w) apparel from hand-made artisan textiles, work which was formerly presented under the Mariposa Artisan Textiles label.  I now find my studio work is differentiating into two broad streams – this ready-to-wear work and the rest of my creative output – specifically comprised of fine-art wearables and other fiber work, as well as interior textiles.  My teaching and consulting round out the activity.  With this shift of purpose and process, it seemed only appropriate that the r2w line have a new identity.  To that end, earlier this year I launched the petal-una collection.

Sales and self-promotion are never easy but they are essential!  Many of you know that I have frequently shown and sold my work from my studio.  I have learned over the years that the nature and scale of this work makes consignment and/or wholesaling impractical;  so, after much consideration (and prompting from friends and family!), I have launched an etsy shop to retail the petal-una collection on-line.   It is a work in progress but I will now be regularly posting items there.  Of course, I will continue to show work periodically at the studio, for those of you in the Atlanta area.

I sincerely thank you for your support over the years – whether as a workshop participant, a wearable art fan or a design client (or all of the above).  This process does not happen in a vacuum and your affirmations contiue to give me the courage to push in new directions and traverse new territory.  I hope you will continue to accompany me on the journey!