A Statement

Trained as a landscape architect, my acts of design have always been about “surfaces.”  In the past, earth, plants, brick, and stone were my materials; now cloth, fiber and colorants. A bridge between past sensibilities and present expression continues to be forged as I move from working with wool and felt process to exploring plant-based color and bast fibers. CONTINUE READING…

Featured Work

Stitched Modules

Naturally dyed, layered and stitched components. See more…


Vessel/basket forms are the shape of “Receptive”. See more….

Workshops 2021

My teaching resumes this Fall with the next class in my natural dye series.

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From my journal….

2021 Late Summer Workshop & Update

As an artist/designer/craftsperson, I rarely felt alienated from my work during Pandemic 1.0, although the work and focus have certainly changed. Fortunately, inspiration abounds and I […]

2020 Year-End Update

Winding down a crazy year with a final studio update.  I thank you for following and look forward to the possibility of seeing you in the […]

2020 Hambidge Auction

This year, I was invited to submit work to The Hambidge Center auction (www.hambidgeauction.org).  If you don’t know about it, Hambidge is a non-profit arts center […]

Interlude: Pre-Fall 2020

Fall approaches and, as expected, we are all still riding the pandemic wave, hopefully able to adapt to this new meta-reality, one which is not likely […]

Studio Update: Spring 2020

My personal response to this unusual time in history has been varied, moving from a fear-based emotional roller-coaster ride to an increasingly calm, pragmatic, and emotionally […]

More Musings on Indigo

I recently facilitated an Indigo vat workshop at the SEFAA center in Atlanta. The focus was on learning about quick-reduction alternatives. (Fn 1).  Naturally, we were […]